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Visiting Consultant’s Program

MOHAP Visiting Consultants Program was officially launched in 2015. As one of MOHAP’s objectives is to improve healthcare in the Middle East, we decided to bring experts from all-over the world in various specialties to help insure that our patients can equally get access to international knowledge and experience without bearing the burden of travelling expenses and difficulties.

MOHAP Visiting Consultants Program helps our patients to get the broadest possible access to international medical experience; providing them with world class experience starting from diagnosis to operations and surgeries, all at their doorstep.

The program has helped many patients access international experts in critically needed specialties.  We have earned a promising positive feedback from both patients as well as Visiting Consultants & we strive to make this ongoing program an added value to our MOHAP patients & consultants. 

Patients who wish to book an appointment with our Visiting Consultants in any of our 17 MOHAP hospitals, may contact our Toll free Number: 80011111

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