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Medical Advertisement​

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As ministry of health continuously strives to improve and upgrade its services taking in mind our customers feedback, MOH developed a new system for the heath ads licensing on line service.

Social Media and all other media means on Internet are considered promotional material that is controlled by Health Advertisement Regulation.

Reminder: Make sure  that MOH ad. approval NO is added to all approved advertisements ( (Including  websites , social media accounts ) except (radio) ads .

  Department Organization , licensing & Advertisement Department
 SectionHealth advertisement licensing
 SectorPublic Health Policy & Licensing
 Service Name Medical  advertisement  Licensing
 Service Description

Grant MOH permission for advertising healthcare establishment ( or commercial establishments which has health related  activities ) products e.g. healthcare service , chemical ,natural compounds that has direct preventive ,diagnostic or curative impact on health , medical equipment and devices

 Service Type
  • G2 private healthcare sector
  • G2 commercial establishments which has health related  activities
 Target customer Doctors, and allied healthcare providers.
 Registration & Conditions
 Documents Required
 Service Procedures
  • Access the account
  • Fill in E- form
  • Upload attachments and submit
  • Application reviewed by MOH staff
  • Approval for payment is granted by MOH staff
  • On line payment is done (customer may choose to pay at customer service )
  • Print of  MOH final approval on the advertisement design.(by customer )   
 Registration Guidelines
  • Each health institution holding medical and trade  licenses is allowed to open an account
  • Pharmaceutical groups provided they are registered as a group in MOH or any UAE health authority could open one account all their pharmacies. (A table for the entire group owned pharmacies including pharmacy name, licenses issue and expiry dates, and contact details).
  • Each trade company is allowed to open an account provided its licensed activity includes any relation to healthcare.
  • Each establishment is allowed one account only; multiple accounts for the same establishment will result in freezing all its accounts.
 Required Documents for Registration
  • Valid copy of commercial license.
  • Valid copy of medical license (for healthcare establishments).
  • Valid copy of the labor card of the health ads responsible person in the establishment (who should be a staff in the establishment). The card will not be needed if the heath ads responsible person is the owner or license partner.
  • Copies of all commercial and medical pharmacies owned by the group + a table for the entire group owned pharmacies including pharmacy name, licenses issue and expiry dates, and contact details (for registration of group pharmacies).
 Service Fees
  • Static ( printed) Dhs 500 / month –Dhs 6000 / year
  • Audio  Dhs 700 / month –Dhs 8000 / year
  • Video   Dhs 500 / month –Dhs 9000 / year
 Service accomplish Time
  • Response 1-3 working  days
 General guideline
 Condition for cancellation 
Technical suport
 Health Advertisement By Law
 Service channels
 Customer service Contact   Customer Service Center Muhaisna 2, beside Etisalat Academy on Sheikh Mohd bin Zayed Road
P.O.Box:1853 Dubai
Tel: +971 (4) 80011111
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