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Drugs Import Export

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Department Drug department
Sector Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector
Service Name E- import and export
Service Description

Possess effective tools for evaluation, follow-up and control the circulation of pharmaceuticals in general and pharmaceuticals drugs in particular and

Enable members of the medical professionals and workers in the field of health care, especially pharmacists to help people maintain their health and then manage various health challenges and by supporting the optimal use and rational drug including facilitating the transfer of information dissemination necessary for pharmaceutical preparations

Regulate of the pharmaceutical business sector in order to ensure its commitment to push the process of health and compliance with public health policy.

Achieve available database to all stakeholders to support induction and future planning for the development of different health and pharmaceutical policy.

Service Type  G2C , G2B , G2G
Target Audience
  • Medical Stores Licensed  by the MOH
  • Drug Stores Licensed by the MOH
  • Medical Factories Licensed by the MOH
Requirements & Conditions


  • MOH Licensed medical stores can apply  for import via the system
  • MOH Licensed Drug  stores can apply  for import  via the system
  • Registered Local manufacturing companies  can apply for the import  via the system


  • All applicants should be registered through the pharmaceutical licensing system of the MOH
Documents Required

 Medicinal products:-

  • MOH license
  • Pharmacist license
  • Trade License
  • Registration certificate for the product
  • LPO (Gov / Private if needed)
  • Declaration (Gov/Private if needed)
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Invoice

Medical device, instruments and lab reagents:-

  • MOH license
  • Pharmacist license
  • Trade License
  • Registration certificate for the product if registered
  • ISO (Valid)
  • ISO No.13485
  • EC (Valid)
  • LPO (Gov / Private if needed)
  • Declaration and should be signed by Medical Director (Gov/Private if needed)
  • Certificate of analysis (if needed)
  • Invoice

Raw Materials:-

  • MOH license
  • Pharmacist license
  • Trade License
  • CPP
  • Formula composition
  • SOS
  • GMP (for Inactive material)
  • ISO (for Inactive material)
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Invoice
Service Procedures User manual
Service Fees
  • 1% of the CIF price for registered products
  • 1% of the total amount of the invoice
Service accomplish Time 5 Working days
Service channelsThe service is provided Online via Ministry Of Health website or directly through the following link: E- import and export  System
Customer service Contact Address: P. O. Box 1853, Dubai, UAE. Tel : +971 (4) 2301000 or 800-11-111 (24/7)
Technical Support IT – Help disk
Service Locations This service is provided through the Ministry of Health site or through the following link directly: import and export system
Complaints If you would like any information or inquire kindly reach out to us at
Registration guidelines User manual
Provided Services
  • Import registered medicine
  • Import non-registered medicine
  • Import medical instruments and dental materials
  • Import medical devices
  • Import lab reagents  and Kits 
  • Import raw materials
video link Click here for view the video
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