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Private Medical Licensing

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The main objective of Medical Licensing Department is to raise the level of healthcare services in the country and to regulate medical practices

Name Description
Department Organization , licensing & Advertisement Department
Section Medical Professional licensing Section
Sector Public Health Policy & Licensing
Service Name Private Medical Licensing
Service Description


  • Licensing all medical establishment to regulate the practices such as ( hospitals ,  centers , clinics , )
  • Licensing all staff working in ( doctors , technicians )  
Service Type
  • G2B
  • G2C
Target Audience Physicians with different specialties.
Dental Doctors with different specialties.
Alternative Medicines.
 Registration& Conditions

The service is available only for the registered users, to check the registration steps, please click here. 


Architectural requirement and crock plan form for licensing medical centers and clinic


documents Required
  • Medical establishment
  • A copy of the passport and Family book
  • A copy of the latest license of the firm
  • The firm owner's Identity Card
  • A copy of the firm's trade name from the Department of Economic Development.
  • Licensing doctors and technicians to work in the firm within 6 months from the opening date
  • A copy of the advertising  signboard sample
  • A list including services prices
  • A copy of the agreement concluded with the Municipality or a company to dispose of the medical wastes

    Doctors / technicians

    Required documents for issuing initial notice :
  • MOH evaluation         
  • Approved medical facility drawings    
  • A copy of customer's passport
  • Valid facility license                
  • A list of the facility staff                      
  • Customer's experience certificates
  • A letter from the facility indicates  the customer employment   
  • A " Professional Good Standing  Certificate" for employees in the UAE
    Required documents for issuing the final license
  • A copy of U.A.E  Identity Card
  • A copy of the labor card         
  • Insurance against medical errors
Service Procedures
  • Submit the form for initial approval for licensing
  • Attached required documents and send the request
  • Pay the fees
  • Print the licensing notification
  • Submit for final approval
  • Attached required documents  and send the request
  • Print final licensing
Service Fees
  • Application Fees (AED 100)
  • General Clinic (AED 5000)
  • Specialized clinic ( AED 6000)
  • Diagnostic Center, for each specialization ( AED 6000)
  • Rehabilitation Center, for each specialization ( AED 5000)
  • Medical polyclinic for each specialization, maximum AED 18000 (or 12000)
  • Doctors' fees :2600 dirham
  • Technician :300 dirham   
Service accomplish Time
  • 7 days medical licensing establishment
  • 7days doctors / technicians  licensing
Service channels

Customer services center

MOH web site
mobile application  

Customer service Contact

Customer Service Center
Muhaisna 2, beside Etisalat Academy on Sheikh Mohd bin Zayed Road
P.O.Box:1853 Dubai
Tel: +971 (4) 2301000
Fax: +971 (4) 2301988

Technical Support
Priority subservices ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​     General Clinic Licensing
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Specialty Clinic Licensing  renewal
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Diagnostic center licensing renewal
Rehabilitation center licensing renewal
Licensing renewal for hospital with less than 50 beds
Licensing renewal for hospital with 51-100 beds
Licensing renewal for hospital with more than 100 beds
Medical consultant license (Physician / Dentist) A. Private sector
Doctor license renewal
Medical consultant License (Physician / Dentist) B. Private sector
Medical Specialist Physician / Dentist (A) License for the Private Sector
Medical specialist license (Physician / Dentist) B. Private sector
General Practitioner Physician / Dentist License – for the Private Sector

Technician licensing  

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