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Radiation Protection

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National Radiation Protection CenterDepartment
Health clinics centers and SectorSection
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Radiation ProtectionService Name

Radiation protection is a service from the National radiation protection Center at the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates for all government and private sectors that deal with radiology machines. The Ministry of Health provides this service to control the quality of radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy machines to protect public health and help technicians and doctors in government and private hospitals and centers in provision of efficient imaging services.

Service Description

government and private

Service Type

Government and private sectors that deal with the radiology machines

Target Audience

Private authorities are required to pay for national radiation protection services

Requirements & Conditions

Required documents for each service:

•For new radiation permit or renewal radiation permit

1. Commercial license

2. Ministry of Health license

3. Technicians and physicians license

4. Technical information about radiological machines

• For technical advice

1. The document which technical consulting is required (Room scheme, product, etc.)

• For occupational Radiation Monitoring

1. UAE identity for each individual

• For quality Control Test

Documents Required

Submission of the application through the electronic service, internal review of application and submission of feedback.

Service Procedures

Payment is applicable only to private sectors, the fees for each service:

• technical advice = AED 500

• occupational radiation monitoring request : radiation detector = 300 AED and for a neutron detector = 600 AED

• Quality control test = 500 AED for each device

Service Fees

maximum of 4 weeks

Service accomplish Time

1. Customer Service Center - Dubai

2. Website

3. Contact Center (national radiation protection center)

Service channels

P O Box 1853, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: 0097142301000 or 800-11-111

Customer service Contact

For complaints about the assessment, please fill in the complaints form


 For User manual click here 

User Manual

1. New radiation permit or renewal radiation permits

2. Quality Control Test

3. Occupational radiation monitoring

4. Technical advice

5. check radiation leakage in radiation facilities

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