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Pharmaceutical Licensing

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DepartmentMedical license, advertising & coordination department
SectorPublic Health and Licensing Sector 
Service NamePharmaceutical Licensing
Service DescriptionProvide Licensing services for Pharmaceutical establishments including Medical Stores, Pharmacies and Scientific Offices as well as Pharmacists and Assistant Pharmacists working for these establishments.
Service TypeG2C,G2B
Target Audience

Pharmaceutical Establishments that require MOH License, which are:

  • Medical stores and scientific offices in all emirates.
  • Private Pharmacies in Northern Emirates.
  • Pharmacists and Assistant Pharmacists working for the mentioned establishments
Registration & Conditions

Requirements and conditions

The service is available only for the registered users, to check the registration steps, please click here. 

Documents Required​ Documents required
Service Procedures
  • Pharmacy licensing
  1. Submitting Initial Inspection Application & enclosing the required documents
  2. Studying the application
  3. Provisional Approval
  4. Applying for the final inspection to acquire license and pay fees
  5. Approval
  • Pharmacy licensing renewal
  1. Submitting Pharmacy License Renewal Application & enclosing the required documents
  2. Studying the application
  3. Approving renewal
  • Medical warehouse licensing renewal
  1. Filling out Medical Store License Renewal form and enclosing the required documents of the company
  2. Studying the application and ensuring meeting the requirements
  3. Approval
  • Pharmacist in-charge license
  1. Submitting the application
  2. Verifying the documents
  3. Issuing the license
Service Fees
  • Pharmacy licensing( Federal:7610 AED)
  • Pharmacy licensing renewal (Fedreal:3500 AED)
  • Medical warehouse licensing renewal (federal :3500 AED)
  • Pharmacist in-charge license (Federal:310 AED)
Service accomplish Time
  • Pharmacy licensing ( 90 days)
  • Pharmacy licensing renewal (14 Days)
  • Medical w​arehouse licensing renewal (14 Days)
  • Pharmacist in-charge license (90 days)
Service channels
Service Locations

Customer Service Center – Dubai

  • Telephone No.:8001111
  • fax;+97142301988
  • E
  • Call Center : 80011111
  • working hours : 7:30-2:30
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