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Evaluation for Physicians and Technicians

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Department Organization, licensing and advertisement
Sector Public Health Policies and Licensing
Service Name Evaluation for Physicians, Dentists, Allied health, and TCAM
Service DescriptionOur aim is to select the Health Professionals whom best fit for practice of medicine in the UAE and are able to treat and serve patients with high standards of care. 
The main elements that measure the validity of the Health Professional are:
1. The Academic level.
2. The experience validity and the continuity of practice in terms of good standing certification from licensing authorities.
3. Passing the MOH exams.
Furthermore, the Evaluation committee has a key role in categorizing and classifying the academic and clinical certificates which are related to the area of practice.
Service TypeG2C , transactional 
Target Audience Doctors (Physicians and Dentists)
• Pharmacists 
• Allied Health
Requirements & Conditions Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements (PQR) for PQR please click here​
Documents Required
  • Online Registration
  • Qualification certificate
  • Clinical Work Experience letters.
  • License to practice
  • Good standing certificate from same licensing authority
  • A copy of the Family book or the Emirates ID for UAE Nationals

Service Procedures​Prometric website:

For  User manual click here​

Service Fees

Physicians and Dentists: 500 Dhs with additional fees for Dataflow and Prometric

Allied Health: 300 with additional fees for Dataflow and Prometric

Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians: 250 with additional fees for Dataflow and Prometric

All payments is online within the application​

Data flow contact

-          To Check your application status;

-          To Submit an enquiry to DataFlow; and click on "Contact Us"

-          To Submit re-verification; and click on "Contact Us"

Service channels
  1. Website.
  2. Call Center.
  3. Mobile App.
Customer service Contact

 Address: P. O. Box 1853, Dubai, UAE. Tel : +971 (4) 2301000

or Dial 800-11-111 (24/7)

General Inquiries or technical support​

For Inquiries Dial the number of the call center  800-11-111 or email to

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