Wareed Project Applied in Um Al Qiwain Hospital
The Ministry of Health began applying the electronic health information systems projects known as “WAREED” in Um Al Qiwain Hospital which aims at recording all the data of patients and visitors of the ministry’s hospitals and health centers.

Mohamed Nabeel Al Dowei, Director of WAREED Project at the Ministry, emphasized that the ministry finalized the application of the project in 5 hospitals and health centers and currently applied in Um Al Qiwain Hospital to be completed by the end of the month. As per the plans of the ministry, WAREED Project will be applied in 101 hospitals and centers and to be divided in two phases.

He also noted that registration through WAREED will take time at the beginning but gets much easier later on. At the beginning of the project’s implementation, there was lots of congestion by patients in the hospital but began decreasing gradually thanks to the fast and hard work of the employees and visitors’ patience. The numbers of paper files in the hospital was 80 thousand but are now under the process to be filed electronically in the new system.
The last period also witnessed the entry of more than 5500 files and the registration of data related to patients and visitors of hospitals and health centers. We also trained all the employees of the medical records in Um Al Qiwain Hospital on the ways of dealing with the project, patients’ registration, preparing files electronically and setting up appointments for patients.

The second phase will be implemented by the doctors through recording the patient’s case, details, medication and treatment electronically. The whole project will end by the end of the month.