Application of Wareed in Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah
The Ministry of Health began applying the electronic health information systems “Wareed” in Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah. Al medical files of the hospital’s patients were connected electronically with Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, Khelifa Hospital and Mushairef Health Center in Ajman.

Dr. Saqer Al Mualla, Acting Director of Al Qassimi Hospital, emphasized that the registration through wareed system took longer times in the beginning but has become more easily. Al Qassimi Hospital trained its medical and technical staff as well as the registration employees on the techniques of the new system, procedures of patients registration, accomplishment of files electronically and taking appointments.
He said: “We received a number of complaints and remarks but we constantly explain how the new “wareed” electronic system is very important for staff and patients. Gradually the congestion began to reduce due to the fast training and accomplishments of the medical records employees and understanding of the patients.
Al Mualla emphasized that emergency cases are on the top priority list of treatment that are transferred to the concerned doctor. About 350 cases visit the hospital on daily basis.

Furthermore, Jassim Ali Al Ansari, Head of Medical Records Section in Al Qassimi Hospital, said: “We have 300 thousand private files for patients and visitors since 1991. We are currently archiving them electronically through the wareed system; about 40% of the cases are for Kuwait Hospital while the other cases are transferred to us because of the insufficient specializations such as gynecology and pediatrics the kuwait hospital.

“We have some inactive files in the hospital; expired files due to the absence of their owners. Right now, the hospital has more than 17 thousand active files and we managed to include these files in our medical system. Very soon, Al Qassimi Hospital will finalize the database of other 15 thousand files to completely done by the end of this month”, he concluded.