Khalifa Hospital in Ajman Hosts 3 Specialists
Sheikh Khelifa Hospital hosts three visiting doctors in specialized in difficult surgical operations such as scoliosis surgery, anterior eye chamber and cataract operations, colon, and rectum as well as abdominal laparoscopic.

Dr. Abdul Moati Younis, Technical Director of Sheikh Khelifa Hospital in Ajman said: “The hospital will receive Dr. Robert Passoti, Professor of Spine Surgery in Nantes University, France till 20th January. Scoliosis may narrow chest and cause pressure on heart and respiratory system leading to serious complications for patients. Sheikh Khelifa Hospital is specialized in these kinds of accurate and dangerous diseases and made more than 150 operations previously”.

Dr. Younis emphasized that the doctor will be accompanied by other consultant surgeon to define the accuracy of the operation and avoid any pressure on the spinal cord which may cause serious complications for the patients leading to paralysis.

During the third week of January, the hospital will also host Dr. Yahia Mohammed Salah, Professor of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University and a specialist in the surgery of anterior chamber of the eye and cataract operations. Dr. Salah has 7 years experience in conducting one day eye anesthesia operations using Phaco machines which enable the surgeon to perform operations without the need of surgical threads. At his last visit, Dr. Salah made about 5 surgeries.

On February, Sheikh Khelifa Hospital will also receive Professor Majid Bassiyouni, Colon and Recturm Surgery Consultant in Ratherhar General Hospital in the United Kingdom and check colon and rectum patients who need surgeries through laparoscopic surgery.