Important Notes for Examination, Evaluation and Re-Evaluation

1. Kindly visit our MOH website Evaluation System, please read the instruction and requirements carefully before using the system, or you can call the call center 80011111 for any further details before approaching us.

2. Submission ONLINE is MANDATORY. Requirements for GPs  Requirements for Specialists

3. Kindly visit the Customer Service Reception Desk FIRST before approaching our office so you know who the correct person to approach is. The applicants Directory

4. We apologize to not receive any candidates PERSONALLY for examination/ evaluation/ re-evaluation. Kindly follow the below instructions:

- For the GPs: Applicants can register ONLINE any time. The exams will be conducted by Promertic “ONLINE EXAMS”. No oral Exams after passing the prometric exam .
- For Specialties: Please note that the exam will be conducted ONLINE and some specialties will require to pass the oral exam even after passing the Prometric exam as mentioned in the exam schedule. Exam Schedule


5. All required documents and online payment MUST be completed.

6. Kindly follow the mentioned instructions so we can assist you properly.

Kindly be informed that an additional fee will be paid by applicants to a third party from Jan, 2013 for auditing process.

Thank you for your cooperation
Medical Licensing Department-Ministry of Health - Dubai