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MOH Strategy

  • Vision:

    Sustainability of healthy UAE community through the provision of comprehensive & responsive healthcare System.


    To Enhance the health of individuals and societies in UAE through the provision of comprehensive and excellent health services , in a healthy and sustainable environment , through implementing policies , legislations , programs and effective partnerships locally and internationally .


    • Professionalism: Our healthcare services are provided efficiently and effectively.
    • Customer Priority: Our customer is the core element of our attention and care.
    • Sustainability: Achieve sustainability in all our practices to support the health of individuals in the present and future time.
    • Teamwork: Work with partners, employees and customers with a one team .
    • Integration: Provide comprehensive and credible services for all .
    • Creativity: Encourage creativity and excellence in all our practices.​


    Strategic Objectives:

    1. To provide excellent health services to UAE society according to the international standards
    2. To Improve the quality of existing systems & develop healthcare facilities & ensure accessibility in accordance to international standards Healthy Society
    3. To promote a healthy lifestyles in UAE Society to prevent it from associated diseases. NCD'S Development of the health care system to protect & control the community from communicable diseases CD'S Governance:
    4. To develop healthcare system that protect UAE citizen from communicable diseases  & control its spread
    5. To enhance the healthcare legislations and policies in UAE and to  enforce its  implementation in collaboration with the public and private sectors
    6. To ensure and guarantee the provision of all administrative services according to the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.
    7. To build innovation culture in the working environment


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